Sea Kelp + Peppermint Detox Bath Soak
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Sea Kelp + Peppermint Detox Bath Soak

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Give skin a deep cleanse with our Sea Kelp + Peppermint Detox Bath Soak.Ā 

Sea Kelp known for its mineral + antioxidant rich properties helps to soften + preserve the skin. Penetrating beneath the top layer of skin to remove toxins, this plant found in coastal regions near nutrient rich saltwater sources has been around in the skin care world for centuries. Paired with Organic Pink Himalayan Sea Salt soaked in Organic Peppermint Essential Oil provides the ultimate invigorating bath experience.Ā 

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Good for 1-3 baths. Do not reuse.

Ingredients: Organic Sea Kelp Powder, Organic Pink Himalayan Sea Salt,Ā Organic Peppermint Essential Oil