Melatonin + Chamomile Calming Bath Soak
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Melatonin + Chamomile Calming Bath Soak

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Calm your mind + ease into sleep with our 

Get ready to relax with peaceful rest inducing pair including Chamomile Flowers, known to promote sleep + calming of the mind. Organic Melatonin soaked Epsom Salt helps to aid in relaxing + soothing the muscles. Melatonin, a newly popular supplement, but not as new as you may think. Your body naturally produces the hormone melatonin to regulate your sleeping cycle, without the groggy aftereffects of unnatural sleep medication. Did we forget to mention it also contains beauty sleep prompting essential oil Lavender. Sprinkle a little of this in your bath + get ready for a remarkable night's sleep, the kind where you wake up with drool everywhere + your snoring wakes the neighbors. 

Recommended Skin Types:

-All Skin Types


Good for 1-3 baths. Do not reuse.

Ingredients: Organic Melatonin Oil, Dried Chamomile Flowers, Epsom Salt, Organic Lavender Essential Oil