#IlluminateMe Dark Spot Correcting Mask
Brittani Juniel

#IlluminateMe Dark Spot Correcting Mask

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Clear your complexion with #IlluminateMe

Key Ingredient: Parsley

Parsley is packed with Antioxidants & Vitamin C, the perfect complexion balancing duo. This super herb helps reduce inflammation, fine lines, & wrinkles. Also featuring Turmeric, a spice commonly found in Asia, that reduces inflammation & reduces the appearance of dark spots. This mask is perfect for clearing old acne scars & preventing new ones from forming.

Recommended Skin Types:
-All Skin Types
-Hyper-pigmentation (uneven skin tone)

Ingredients: Fuller's Earth, Baking Soda, Turmeric, Parsley Leaf, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil