#DewMe Ultra-Hydrating Mask
Brittani Juniel

#DewMe Ultra-Hydrating Mask

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Nourish & hydrate dry skin with #DewMe

Key Ingredient: Hand-Milled Oats

Finely milled oats provide your skin with a gentle exfoliation. Featuring natural oats milled exclusively in-house by Brittani Juniel, providing the purest results possible. Oats remove dead skin while delivering hydration. Also featuring Kaolin Clay, the world's softest Earth clay derived from China. This pure white, mineral-rich clay gently cleanses away impurities so the skin can hold moisture. Add Coconut Water to leave skin with an extra dewy glow.
Recommended Skin Types:
-Minor Breakouts

Ingredients: Hand-Milled Oats, Kaolin Clay, Organic Clove Essential Oil