Killer Scrubs: What's in Your Exfoliant?

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Our Juniel Junkie's have a right to know what's in the skin + body care they use on a daily basis. The average female uses about 168 chemicals on their face a day (OMG!) But no need to worry, we got your back & are here to let you know all the good, bad & ugly when it comes to skin care ingredients. 70% of what you place onto your skin soaks into your bloodstream, so yes it matters! One harmful ingredient found in the majority of your face & body scrubs are called microbeads. Let's talk about it junkies...

What Are Microbreads?

Glad you asked, simply put microbeads are tiny pieces of non-biodegradable polyethylene plastic (PBDE). What does that mean? That means you're putting tiny pieces of plastic, also found in car fuel tanks + common everyday plastics, on your face everyday. These toxic beads were initially created during commercial development for a replacement for rubber in World War II in 1939. Natural rubber was scarce + they needed a quick + cheap alternative, thus microbeads were born. 

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Why Are Microbeads Bad?

Due to its non-biodegradable property, these beads do not break down. This is bad for your skin as exfoliants need to gently disperse as it rids your face of dead skin. Since these beads do not break down they can create tiny tears + holes in your face (OUCH!) which generally can be irreversible. But wait, there's more...Microbeads are extremely toxic + harmful to Mother Nature + animals. Once rinsed down your drain these plastic beads collect in our water supply + oceans, which in turn are accidentally ingested by marine life. "If someone eats about 6 oysters, they will likely have eaten 50 particles of microplastics." In a study conducted by Gyres Institute they determined there are about 500,000 pieces of plastic in ONE square kilometer of the Great Lakes! 

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So...What do I do With This Information?

In an effort to save the environment (as well as yourself), know what's in your skin care. We preach this heavily to our Juniel Junkie's because this is very important, for your health, your family's + the preservation of Mother Nature. Brittani Juniel Skin Care never uses plastics, alcohols, chemicals, or inorganic synthetics. Our best selling Dark Chocolate Mocha Scrub is safe for your face + body. Our exfoliant is Organic Coffee Grounds + Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda). This scrub is great for exfoliating dead + rough skin, fading dark spots, and clearing clogged pores that cause breakouts + razor bumps, and of-course no mircobeads! We hope this helps Juniel Junkie's, if you have any topics you'd like for us to cover next comment below or on our Instagram @brittanijunielskincare Stay safe!

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